Maryam is a renowned psychic medium and spiritual teacher. Reading both people and pets for over 25 years, her tough, yet down to earth personality, has attracted and inspired a loyal following.

Maryam’s gifts became evident at a young age when she was predicting deaths and speaking to deceased family members. Maryam’s mother quickly recognized what was happening and supported and nurtured her daughter’s gifts.


About Maryam

Maryam’s versatility as a medium allows her to remote view, assist people with their day to day struggles, help pet parents manage their troubled fur babies, and clear homes, businesses, and people of dark energies.

Maryam is a 2021 nominee for “Best Psychic/Medium” for the Paranormal Awards, and was GOOP’s 2018 “Best Psychic/Pet Psychic.

Maryam has worked with legendary guitarist Kat Dyson, Demi Moore, Jackson Galaxy, “My Cat From Hell,” the cast of Ghost Hunters (2020), Alexandra Holzer of The Holzer Files, John Bullard, and Patrick McQuery of “The Haunted Side.”

— Rick Garner, Unexplained Cases

“Having worked with Maryam since May 2019, I not only appreciate her friendship but have grown in appreciation and awe of her psychic abilities. Her addition to the Unexplained Cases team as a medium added an amazing depth to our investigations and truly allowed us to help the living and spirits."

— Hollywood Paranormal Detectives

“We really love Maryam as a teacher. She opened our eyes to what a really good, professional Medium should be like. "

— Charlotte Cripwell

“Thank you Maryam for taking the time to help and inform me about what’s been going on. The information you provided to me was spot on and I've been meditating and it’s helped a lot. You are truly uniquely gifted."

— Farah Ravon, founder One Planet Rescue

“Maryam’s dedication and accuracy in assisting with our lost or sick animals has been priceless. Her ability to immediately communicate with the pet and provide direction on either their location or physical illness has helped save lives and bring families back together."